I am an empirical scholar who uses social movement theory and concepts to understand religious and non-religious worldviews. My research intersects with the sociology of religion and the growing sociology of secularity. More specifically, my research examines atheist identity and how Canadian atheist activists navigate their configurations of social identity regarding their participation in the atheist movement.

Currently, I am preparing publications from my dissertation, some of which are in review. Consequently, the publications you find below do not reflect my atheism research but do speak to my other research interests.

Refereed Journals

Simmons, J., & Kent, S. A. (2015). An Expansion of the Rational Choice Approach: Social Control in the Children of God during the 1970s and 1980s.International Journal for the Study of New Religions, 6(1), 27-49.

Simmons, J. (2012). Positive psychology as a scientific movement. The International Journal of Science in Society . 4(1), 43-52.

Book Reviews

Simmons, J. (2014, May 23). Review of Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind. Secularism and Nonreligion. 3(4).

Simmons, J. (2013, January 15). Review of the book Philosophy for Life And Other Dangerous Situations. LSE Review of Books.

Other Publications

Simmons, J. (2010). The Pervert’s Guide to The Birds: Of Hitchcock, Žižek, the Maternal Superego, and Critical Confusion. Bright Lights Film Journal 69.

Simmons, J. (2010). Modest intentionalism and the replicant debate. Magazine Americana.